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Pilgrims Publishing is a Non-Profit Organisation

Managing the Emerging IT Potential

We help firms to leverage emerging innovation and new technologies that streamline profitable business. Our gifted staff are selected for their particular expertise from; directors, executives, speakers, entrepreneurs and authors. 

With free services ranging from private and personal briefings to small group seminars to board level discussion groups. Firms no longer need to feel stalled by continual technological advances.

Pilgrims Publishing can help you find new opportunities and strategies to keep your company innovative and on top within your own industry and market sector.

We provide an unrivalled level of innovation results over the last twenty five years, and can show you how to tackle the challenges.

We Research the Next Generation of Computer Technology

We predict "Ghost Processing" is Next Generation of Cloud Computing, and  Adaptive Query System is Next Generation of Business Intelligence.

AQS searches all formats:  raw data + text, images, data, voice, video, etc
Take Control of Your Organisation: An investment in AQS will bring benefits for users within all departments, and provide directors with knowledgeable and motivated senior management teams that can respond dynamically to constant change.

We can give you insight into the technologies involved and show you how to evaluate the potential return in investment aligned with your organisations current strategy.

Understand the function and scale of these new technologies for yourself
Achieve Increased Competitive Advantage and valid Legal Compliance
The above systems cover new areas of
technological innovation:
Ghost Processing - Highly Scalable

Smallest Carbon Footprint per 42U Cabinet

Low Power (kW)
Error Correction with Extreme Data Compression Complexity
High Encryption Complexity - Secure Multi System Processing
Re-Programmable Instruction Sets
Run any Operating System
Embedded Storage - Easy to use Parallel Computing

Skylon - Reaction Engines Ltd (UK)

The UK based Skylon Spaceplane will deliver AQS data centre based satellite module into its working geostationary orbit.

The future for secure data centre operators and or global digital telecommunications.

The AQS data centre satellite based modules can be placed at a point of best line-of-sight communications over any city in the world.

Space Date-Centre "breakthrough" unlocks:  "Global on-Demand" Data. 

BAe/Rolls Royce HOTOL Spaceplane

Alan Bond first began work on Spaceplane engines in 1982 with a view to overcoming the inadequate characteristics of existing rocket-based expendable launch systems.

This work has culminated in the patenting of new type of jet-engine employing a novel thermodynamic cycle, whose characteristics were specifically tailored to comply with the requirements of 'single stage' to orbit and return Spaceplane.

Future - Meg-Fuel Cell Project

Winners Turn IT into Productivity Areas

Unlock the next big breakthrough. Find the hidden value in your next IT purchase - exploit new style IT management with more profit zones per buck$ and expose new unseen and untapped possibilities: Increase the Results with Innovative Ways

The Challenge:  Influencing the Outcome

1 How to Leverage Emerging Technologies

2 Control Complex Technological Progress

Change the new direction into reality without the normal hardware-software pain. Turn IT complexity into IT productivity and build value+ that beats the competition.

Current computing infrastructures consist of products drawn from Commercial Suppliers as well as Open Source vendors and communities, including consortiums.

The problem most face is that few software or systems tools support both kinds. Open Source vendors frequently rely on small software houses to provide technical support for their products, while traditional software vendors limit support to only their own products and the few other vendors they integrate with. As a result, many are forced to perform the integration task using only ad hoc tools.

Pilgrims Publishing strategy of blending traditional enterprise software with Open Source products is changing this dynamic. We believe in Open Source products with seamless integration, including direct administrative and management capabilities, and complete functional interaction.

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