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Multi-year investigation into how the World can develop policies to facilitate better space adaptation research.

Initiative, to be managed by Pilgrims Publishing Technology Policy Program.  It will encompass a broad spectrum of issues affecting all sectors and all levels; near space, deep space, search for groundwater on solar system planets, man made space ecosystems, moon based manufacturing of genetic drugs, raw material sourcing from better moon surface surveying techniques, earth moon linked sciences, meteorology event survey, enhanced mapmaking techniques.

Hinode Reconnaissance Orbiter

SELENE - Satellite named after Moon Princess


















Hinode: Launched on Sept. 22, 2006, Hinode is flying a three-year mission to study the Sun. In addition to this optical view, Hinodoe also used its X-ray telescope to study the twisted magnetic structures on the solar surface.

Formerly  Solar-B, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agencies (JAXA) utilized Hinode optical telescope to take this view of the Sun's surface. Super-heated gas drifting across the surface of the Sun is caught on camera by the satellite.

Image shows view of Suns chromosphere, thin layer  between the stars visible surface, photosphere and extremely hot corona. Wisps of filamentary plasma connect regions of differing magnetic polarity across the entire sun surface. 

Coronal Questions, Researchers believe twisting magnetic fields could give the Sun's outer atmosphere, the corona, a jolt of energy, heating it up to 100 times that of the solar surface, which can reach temperatures of about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (5,538 degrees Celsius). Super-heating energy may be the force behind the Sun's powerful coronal mass ejections and solar eruptions.

Initiative, to research space policies to manage unanticipated direct earth risks from meteor based impact events, and hazards from space debris and waste products associated with increased near earth commercial space activity, including the role of government in areas of space rubbish collect i.e. who pays will be a key focus of our study teams.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) satellite SELENE (SELenological and ENgineering Explorer) launched via the H-IIA  Launch Vehicle from Tanegashima the Japanese Space Center.

Major objective for SELENE mission is to obtain scientific data of the lunar origin and evolution, and develop the technology for future lunar exploration. SELENE consists of main orbiting satellite located at about 100km altitude, and two small satellites (Relay Satellite and VRAD Satellite) placed in polar orbit. The orbiters will carry instruments for the total scientific investigation of the Moons surface.

JAXA claims SELENE is most sophisticated lunar exploration mission in the post-Apollo Era. SELENE will observe the distribution of the material elements and minerals on the surface, the surface and sub-surface structure, the gravity field, the remnant of the magnetic field, and the environment of energetic particles and plasma of the Moon.

The scientific data will also be used for exploring the possibilities of the future utilization of the Moon via opencast mining of the surface.

JAXA will also establish the basic technologies for future Moon exploration: lunar polar orbit insertion, 3-axis attitude control and thermal control in lunar orbit. In addition, SELENE will take pictures and movies of Earth-rise from the Moon horizon.

Initial funding for the research will be provided by both private foundations and EU Governments and Japanese Government (METI)

The work will be strongly interdisciplinary, engaging many experts from: space management, space biology, space ecosystem management, meteorology research, earth-moon linked sciences, mapmaking, and space risk liability, space engineering, information technology and deep space communication protocols, space law, and satellite agriculture..

Pilgrims Publishing Technology  Foundation is an independent, impartial research institution, its technology and social science research, enables decision makers to make more informed decisions about energy, information technology, environmental, and natural resources. 

Pilgrims Publishing researchers have been engaged in global climate change research and analysis for more than 35 years, and are renowned as some of the very best experts in the field of both analysis and the design of government policy - having a prominent responsibility in creating superior and realistic politically sensible approaches for  global governmental agencies regarding "the challenge of adaptation".

As we work to construct policies that can prevent risks form meteor based impact and space waste, it is only practical to examine ways to assist such changing global environments. Initiative will build on our already substantial leadership in space understanding, and will establish Pilgrims Publishing as a global center on adaptation research.


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